Frequently Asked Questions

Is the traffic you provide real?
Yes, all the traffic we send is 100% real and from genuine website users.

How long will it take to complete my traffic campaign?
The length of time it takes to complete your traffic campaign and deliver all your traffic depends on the quantity of visitors you have purchased and selected delivery time option. We can usually complete any sized campaign within 5 to 90 days (depends on traffic volume).

Does Your Traffic Increase Rank?
For new websites and websites with low traffic volumes, our targeted visitors will have an impact on your ranking. However, we recommend our traffic for a large impact on your ranking. Our traffic could also increase your page rank and search engine ranks, but we cannot guarantee it will.

Can I target the traffic?
Yes, when starting your traffic campaign, you can target the traffic by niche, category and geographic location. It depends on which traffic you choose.

To get your visits do you use shady techniques like BOTS or SPAMMING?
We don’t SPAM or use any shady techniques like BOTS while directing visitors to your website. In addition, we don’t create mass emails or write to any news groups.

What type of content do you restrict?
We run a legitimate business so we expect you to run the same. Your website needs to be legal in nature. Your site cannot have any spyware, adware, virus or trojan worms. We also don’t forward our visitors to any site that is racially discriminating, violent, or promotes illegal activities. If you have any of these on your site we can shut your traffic campaign down and we won’t offer a refund. You can check the integrity of your website by visiting virustotal.com.

When you direct targeted traffic, do all the visitors come at once?
Our targeted traffic service is very large and many of those hits are from the United States. Our traffic server directs hits to your site at specific time every day and it will continue to direct until your daily limit is reached.

Is a hit the same as a web visit? Or are they different?
A visit is a high quality visitor that is sent to your website. Many traffic companies cannot offer this service and trick the customers into believing that they are forwarding quality visitors. These traffic companies don’t send visitors that pay for product or services on your website. A visit and a hit aren’t necessarily the same. A hit is considered when web page loads without getting any major exposure by the visitor. Nowadays many people refer to hits as visits.

Can Your Traffic Be Sent To Adf.ly, Afoc.us, or other similar links?
We do not send traffic to PTP sites. Those mentioned sites also violate our ToS, so we wouldn’t either way.

What Methods Of Payment Do You Offer?
We take payments only by PayPal, by credit card through PayPal.

Do You Take Custom Orders?
If you have something else in mind not listed on our site or looking to make a bulk order, please Contact US. We will let you know if we can fulfill your request regarding traffic buying.

Have a look at our various offerings to make the best possible and informed choice about what works best for you!

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